August 10, 2022

With over 2.32 billion users active on Facebook monthly, it’s known to be the market leader of social media platforms. In the past few months MeWe has become increasingly popular due to their policy of keeping users' personal information away from advertisers and marketers. Currently it’s the most downloaded free app on the app store after Signal, the Private Messenger app. Read the following to find out more about how MeWe could be the Next-Gen Social Network.

What is MeWe? MeWe is an ad free social network that keeps privacy at the core of everything. Their sales pitch is “No ads. No spyware. No bs.”

MeWe social media Profile.png

Features of the app

1. Posting

The app interface is almost identical to Facebook and if you’re familiar with Facebook, MeWe should be relatively easy to navigate. As a user on MeWe you can post photos, videos, gifs, stickers, files, voice messages, live videos and polls. You can restrict your content to a selected close friends list, your contacts only or to the general public. In addition, you have the ability to react to posts through selected emojis and comments.

2. Community Life

On MeWe you can create private and public groups to build a community of shared interests. You can connect with friends on the platform and use the chat function to have private messages with your contacts, share your location, share private posts, doodles and disappearing content.

MeWe Social Community.jpg

3. Pay

Just like Facebook, MeWe is free to download. However, you have to pay for additional features such as unlimited voice and video calling, custom themes, stickers and emojis and video journals for your stories. You can gain access to these features by paying separately or by upgrading to a MeWe premium account which includes the above and 100GB of MeWe cloud storage. A MeWe premium account costs HK$38 a month.

How is MeWe different from Facebook? As mentioned above the differences in features, here are some of the key differences that are notable when comparing Facebook to MeWe.

Facebook vs MeWe Blog Post Graphic_0129.png

Final thoughts

As online users are becoming increasingly aware of their digital footprint and privacy on social media, MeWe seems to stand a high chance of succeeding. Yet, it’s also worth thinking about Facebook’s popularity which can be credited to their algorithm that ensures users’ feeds are personalised, this is something that MeWe lacks. In order to obtain the full experience of the app, an upgrade to MeWe premium is required which is less attractive for social media users who have enjoyed free social networking for a long time. Will MeWe be a close substitute for Facebook? Let us know your thoughts. What we can tell is that we’re now witnessing the evolution of a new, more fragmented social media ecosystem.

What are your thoughts on MeWe? Feel free to send us an email and discuss further!

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